Our Philosophy


At "Seeds" we recommend a modern cuisine with special combinations and flavors. The ingredients are basically Greek products from suppliers who share the same values ​​as us in terms of quality, environmental awareness and sustainability, as well as the same ethics and respect at all stages of production.

The main source of inspiration of the philosophy and design of “Seeds” restaurant is the seed that symbolizes the birth and flowering of a new unique vision. We have created an elegant environment with a calm ambience that focuses on highlighting the haute cuisine by chef Dimos Samourakis.

Our purpose is, in collaboration with seed banks, to convert our philosophy into a privately owned area where the vegetables, herbs and fruits we use are either of our own production or harvested from nature by us.

Because our menus are attuned to the seasonality of the ingredients, they are renewed accordingly.

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
19:00 - 23:00
Oumplianis 14, Diocharous 27
16121 Athens